What is Consulting and What Does a Consultant Do?

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is the process of helping clients resolve their most pressing business issues or challenges. We work across a wide range of functions, industries and geographies to apply our methods of information analysis and identify a new and positive way forward for our customers.

Working at a fast (and sometimes unpredictable) pace, no two days or two trips are the same for a consultant. The term 'consulting' is quite broad and can mean different things depending on the industry it is referring to. For instance, you could be a marketing consultant helping companies create and optimize their marketing campaigns or a software consultant, designing software systems for an organization. However, while the term has many applications, it is generally used to refer to management or strategy consulting, which is the practice of helping companies increase their efficiency and profits by addressing the main operational or strategic challenges they face.

Consultants can perform a variety of tasks that can vary significantly by industry. In short, consultants provide expert opinions, analysis and recommendations to organizations or individuals, based on their own experience. They are essentially problem solvers, serving as objective problem solvers, and providing strategies to prevent problems and improve performance.

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