Is consulting stressful?

Long working hours and overworking have been shown to increase the risk of suffering psychological effects such as anxiety, depression, insomnia or simply hostility. Their long working hours mean that they leave home when their family is still sleeping and return when the children have already gone to bed. Their routine is stressful and even when they have arrived home, their mind is still busy at work.


spend so much time in the office that often their co-workers are their only friends.

If you dedicate yourself to consulting to earn money and to fuel your ego about how intelligent you are (again, many are), then keep at it, things will improve as you go. The truth is that no consultant spends a short 40-hour week going straight to a beach resort with their family, only to reappear on Monday. It seemed that the consultants really enjoyed their work compared to the bankers and financiers when hiring. That said, as a consultant you can play a very important role in guiding your clients on how they should manage their businesses.

You can work for a responsible consultant and develop a legitimate professional career, while enjoying the nuances of business life. My last job, in which I was fired from my probation, was an engineering consultant job, which was a leap from a graduate consultant. Kihn argues that consultants know little or nothing about their customers' companies and are limited to providing information that their clients already have. To give a little perspective that is a little out of the ordinary (I work with a lot of consultants, I work in sales, they implement, I give them business), I would say that it's not unusual for lower-level consultants to not be happy at all.

People like me, who want to become a consultant, but because of the qualifications and the title, which is not possible, but after reading the article they can try to execute and learn that skill so that in the future, if possible, at least try it. Of course, traveling also involves delayed flights, long trips to the airport, lost luggage (although consultants rarely carry checkable luggage), and hyperactive children, their parents, and other noisy travel companions on the plane. Some companies use consulting practices as an external statement of their plans and, in fact, having someone come to the company who doesn't know it from start to finish and who agrees with the strategy is a worthwhile exercise for them. I liked consulting and everything that entailed (trips, clients, projects) until about 9 months ago.

As a junior consultant, especially at major league firms, you can be part of a team that advises companies that are already doing well.

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