Is consulting a boring job?

If you work as a consultant, you will most likely never be bored. In my work as a consultant, technical knowledge from the field is also essential. You'll be much better and faster if you're able to at least understand how things work technically. In consulting positions, your personal efficiency increases tremendously during the first year; it will improve as you become more comfortable using your company's PPT templates, offshore resources, and internal networks.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of money in consulting areas that MBBs think isn't management consulting and you can go get it, but it's less exciting and interesting. However, this also means that your consulting work will never get boring and you will always be surprised by what happens in the coming days and weeks ????. The reason for this approach is that compared to other industries, there are fewer useful experiences that qualify you to be a good consultant. For example, while working in consulting, I would leave my hometown every Monday morning and return Thursday night.

In fact, most consultants will only stay on one project for a few months and then move on to the next. While this requires a great level of flexibility on your part, it also leads to a state in which you learn to adapt to different people and environments, and this is crucial for success, not only in consulting but also in the business world. While it can be very interesting and also a very valuable experience, as I know from my own personal consulting career, being a consultant can also be tiring and involves many other problems. Many people simply aren't ready for a career in consulting because of those high levels of stress and it's simply better that they work in a normal corporate job.

Therefore, if you struggle to maintain the discipline necessary to perform functions and tasks that you don't like, consulting may not be an ideal career path for you. Consequently, consulting can also greatly accelerate your career, at least if you understand the game and act according to it. Consequently, if you prefer to dress informally and don't care too much about representing your company in a decent way, a consulting job might not be right for you either. Another drawback of being a consultant is that people who are quite sensitive often also suffer from mental problems such as exhaustion or depression.

OP, there are several talent search firms that specialize in former (or soon to be) consultants. Therefore, if you are a person who needs your family space and doesn't like to spend your time away from home, consulting may also be a problem for you.

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